Brooke Lambert

I am a professional printmaker and painter and lover of nature and found objects. While our throw-away society continues to pollute the planet, I use discarded textured materials, shapes, and objects to evoke the wonders of nature. In some of my work, I use the very materials that are choking the ocean (such as string and plastic netting) to illuminate the ocean’s fragile beauty.

My work is largely influenced by the emotions and memories of natural environments and the ocean – its ever-changing light and the movement of the waves. In my art I share these moments of happiness and hope: the floating shadows you see submerged underneath a wave, the red tinge behind your eyelids while lifting your face to the sun, the pattern of a honeycomb or a fishing net, and all the beautiful shapes, forms, and color in nature.

I hope the moments of unexpected beauty captured in my images inspire a deeper appreciation of the natural world, while learning about my sustainable practices and dedication to repurposing “trash” encourage us all to change our ways to protect our environment.

Teaching at Concord Art in Summer/Fall 2024:
Printmaking Studio Basics (July 27)
Printmaking Studio Basics (Sept 11)
Printmaking Studio Basics (Nov 8)
Botanical Prints