Daphne Confar

Daphne Confar is a painter, she finds the process of painting exciting. “I build my paintings up from a tonal underpainting, and then put layers of color on top of that underpainting, sometimes sanding down between layers. I like to work on panels, and enjoy things that look older, like they have a story”.

Her relationship with her family and  especially her relationship with her grandmothers, who would spend time with her and tell stories of their lives, fed her imagination and  gave her a love of people and a love of people’s stories that informs her work to this day. This can lend a feeling of nostalgia to her work.

She also enjoys painting simple portraits of birds and chickens and dogs and cats. Daphne has a dog, two cats, and backyard chickens.

Daphne has her MFA in Painting from Boston University. She has shown her work in museums and Galleries from coast to coast and in Europe. Her work is in many corporate and private collections, and has been recently acquired by the Provincetown Museum of Art for their permanent collection.