Our Concord Art Teachers

Haley Johnson

Oil painting allows me to share my passion for wildlife and inspire a love for nature in others. Working from my own photographs from birding trips or long hikes, I find joy in telling stories about personal experiences in the outdoors. I am particularly interested in capturing fleeting moments, fragments of time I wish to relive and preserve. Most often, the paintings are of encounters with wildlife, with concern for the colors and textures that a camera will not pick up on. I take a lot of inspiration from time spent in remote locations, specifically the woods of northern Maine where I am lucky to visit often. I find myself talking not about the specific techniques employed in the painting process, but the stories that led to their creation and where the inspirations lie.

I grew up in Massachusetts, where my persistent interest in wildlife and the outdoors started at a young age. In high school, I took up birdwatching. Birds began to consume not only all of my free time but my paintings as well. Not only has this new love ignited my interest in ecology and sustainability, but it has heavily inspired my paintings. I love to learn from the painting process, and I am thrilled when others can learn from my paintings with me. In 2023, I received a BFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.