Jane Goldman

I formed my response to the visual world growing up in Dallas in North Central Texas—a land of light, flatness, and air.

Taking light and the natural world as subjects, I work from a combination of free association and direct observation, compelled by the interplay of light and shadow that creates meaning, and am equally interested in looking inwards to depict incorporeal works of imagination that can’t be seen by observation.

I make art to wake up, to dream, to understand, to speak to my colleagues, the world. My media includes painting and printmaking, terrazzo and ceramic tile.

My work in printmaking ranges from making elaborate multi-plate color etchings, and twenty-six layer screen prints, (the action/reaction in creating this work is akin to playing chess) to one-pass watercolor monotypes (an effort to corral the skittish personal zeitgeist). I’ve worked with excellent printer/publishers, especially Norm Stewart of Stewart and Stewart Fine Arts in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; and have worked solo.

Collaboration and community have a special place in my heart, as printmaking workshops often provide so much more than simply a place to use the necessary equipment. I’ve been a founding partner of two Massachusetts print studios, Artist’s Proof in Cambridge 1980-84), and Mixit Print Studio in Somerville (1987-present). Printmaking has been truly a way of life for me.