My interest lies in finding the beauty in ordinary scenes and objects. I use paint to show how all objects have an equal beauty and it is up to me to discover it. Through paint, I show the viewer what inspires me. I am not interested in traditionally pretty or decorative scenes. Perhaps I find a collection of mundane or discarded items, machinery, old buildings or structures that are without the traditional interest defined by their architecture or decoration. If the “scene” finds light, shadow, color, edge and shape, I am tossed into the desire to paint. It feels simple and visceral. The spiritual connection I make is not with the objects themselves, but more to do with their feeding me information about surface, temperature, form and hue.

As part of this exhibit I am also including reproductions of pages from my sketchbooks. Though I rarely do a pen and ink sketch as a preliminary step to a painting, sketching is intrinsic to and informs my paintings by heightening my awareness, refining my ability to see and to “stay with” the subject. I sketch in order to see, rather than see and then make a sketch. Zen Buddhist, Frederick Franck, who saw drawing as ‘meditation in action’ said, “Drawing is the discipline by which I constantly discover the world.” This is also true for me.

In addition to painting and sketching, teaching others is my passion. When I verbalize my process, and assist others through their artistic journey, it affirms what I know, and confirms that I am following my dream. Teaching becomes a mirror to my development as a painter. This balance is invaluable.

—Emily Passman

Honoring Beauty in the Ordinary

Emily Passman

Exhibition Reception Date:

Thursday, January 14, 6—8pm

Exhibition Opening:

January 10, 2016

Exhibition End Date:

February 7, 2016

Exhibition Year: