For your artful and inspired gift-giving. From paintings to pottery, photography to
sculpture, and more!


L to R: Michael Updike, Charles Gibbs, Rebecca Niccoloro, Catherine Karp

Plus a selection of fine juried crafts from these artists:

• Knitted neck warmers by Mara Taylor

• Felted works and necklaces by Rebecca Niccoloro

• Ceramics by Elizabeth Bennoti

• Animal creations by Cathy Karp

• Ceramic birds by Jaeok Lee

• Wooden spoons by Annie Meyer

• Photographs by Nancy Roberts

• Ceramics by Karin Schapiro

• Slate carvings by Michael Updike

• Silver jewelry by Amy Kirkpatrick

• Sculpture by Charles Gibbs

• Silk Organza Itajime Shibori shawls by Ania Gilmore

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Holiday Originals and Juried Crafts

Exhibition Opening:

December 3, 2015

Exhibition End Date:

December 20, 2015