Sig Roos, Great Meadows; Patricia Busso, Purple Haze

Back in 2001, Patricia Busso took a month-long artist’s retreat deep in the woods of British Columbia where she lived in a tent on a mountainside with no electricity or running water. She intended to focus on photography which had been a passion of hers for over a decade, but her camera broke on the first day there. After purchasing some acrylics from the on-site supply shed, she instead spent her days in this primitive paradise painting on found wood and has been painting ever since.

While Patricia now favors oils over acrylics, her medium of choice is encaustic (pigmented beeswax) which allows for endless possibilities creating layered, textured pieces, often with
unexpectedly exciting results due the element of serendipity inherent in the fusing process integral to this technique.

Patricia’s work ranges from sublime landscapes, to abstracted elements of the natural world, to purely non-representational compositions. She enjoys experimenting with color and different
mediums, including oil, ink, encaustic, and cold wax. What excites her is the fact that at the end of the day something that may be called beautiful exists that wasn’t there before; something unexpected. And there are infinite possibilities for these conjurings each time she enters her studio.

A long-standing member of the SoWa Artists Guild and United South End Artists, Patricia has maintained a studio at 450 Harrison Avenue in Boston’s South End since 2009. She has had the pleasure of forming relationships with collectors both around New England and across the globe.

Oh…and when she’s not painting, Patricia teaches high school math.

Instagram: @patriciaybusso

Patricia Busso + Sig Roos

Exhibition Reception Date:

May 18, 5:30pm

Exhibition Opening:

May 4, 2023

Exhibition End Date:

June 4, 2023

Exhibition Year:


Sig Roos practices painting and law.

He has taken workshops with Liz Awalt, Elizabeth O’Reilly and Charles Shurcliff. His first show, of photographs, was in 1974 at the Jacques Seligmann Gallery in New York. After college, he spent a summer studying with Domingo Barreres at the Museum School of Fine Arts. After taking 40 years off to make a living and raise a family, Sig is painting, mostly in the outdoors.