Revealing Identity is an exhibit of narrative artwork that describes the world in which we live. The selection of artwork is what we record through entries in our journals and diaries or share through social networks and a variety of other means. It is what is important to us, describing who we are as individuals or who we are as a collective society.

This exhibit brings together nine artists, some of who address matters imparting narratives with substantive and didactic messages while others depict how we conduct our everyday lives. Some of the themes are personal while others are those of more universal concerns. All of the subject matter addressed in the exhibit, recognizes either unique characteristics of either an individual, a collective experience or society at large. The wide range of works in this exhibit is a reflection of our collective life experience as seen through a variety of lenses. The individuals whose works are included draw content from a variety of motives including yet not limited to observations, dreams, fears, aspirations, and personal histories.

Join our sure-to-be fun and enlightening Wednesday evening events associated with the exhibit, Revealing Identity. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Wednesday, April 15, 6:30—8:30pm
Panel Talk with Exhibiting Artists: Lichtman, Akiyama and Chasman
Moderated by Audrey Pepper, Curator

Wednesday, April 22, 6:30—8:30pm
Artist Talk: “Other People’s Clothes” by Caleb Cole

Wednesday, April 29, 6:30—8:30pm
Curator’s Tour with Audrey Pepper

Wednesday, May 6, 6:30—8:30pm
Fashion/Trunk Show with Sara Campbell, Concord

Wednesday, May 20, 10:30—12:30pm
Demonstration with Sandra Mayo, Drawing Genograms

Revealing Identity

Exhibition Reception Date:

Thursday, April 9, 2015, 6-8pm

Exhibition Opening:

April 9, 2015

Exhibition End Date:

May 23, 2015

Exhibition Year:



Online gallery of images from the exhibit



Sachiko Akiyama
Laura Chasman
Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons
Caleb Cole
Sergei Isupov
Kahn & Selesnick
Maira Kalman
Susan Lichtman
John Wilson