Caryl Hull Leavitt

Caryl Hull Leavitt captures the rhythms and dynamics of fleeting scenes from daily life through painting, cardboard sculptures, and collage, with each medium offering its own form of expression.

Caryl loves the immediacy of collage and sees it as the freest way to explore color interaction, shape, and pattern, often yielding unexpected compositions and storylines. Amongst her major influences are Josef Albers for his color theory, Black Mountain College’s reliance on available materials, artists from the WPA project, as well as contemporary artists with whom she exchanges ideas.

Caryl exhibits throughout New York and New England. Recent shows include The 23rd Annual Frances N. Roddy Exhibition at Concord Art; 8 Visions at Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA; Blue Mountain Gallery, NYC and Atlantic Gallery, NYC. Her work is published in Studio Visit magazine. Her collage will be featured in the 2023 Concord Art calendar for the month of July.

Teaching at Concord Art in Summer 2024:
Figures in Space